Asphalt Company in the Bay Area

Everyone needs roads, curbs, sidewalks, and walkways. Without them, we might as well be stuck in the Wild Wild West.

A-1 Asphalt is a solid asphalt and paving company in the Bay Area, that is focused on serving private and business customers in the area. Regardless of whether you require repair for an unattractive crack or pothole or have unfinished asphalt, we have the resources finish the job right.

We are family owned with over 20 years of experience with creative ideas backed by the latest technology to complete any job.

We are licensed and bonded to make sure that your project is completed just the way you like it.

If you need asphalt paving, brick paving, or any of our other services, we are committed to completing every project with service of the utmost quality and value.


Ashpalt Companies in the Bay Area are Important

Asphalt and concrete may look like they last forever, but that is because they endure years with the right care.

Unfortunately, earthquakes, rains, pollution, and traffic can wear down anything after a while.

The elements that hold things together eventually lose their ability to do their job, and that can cause trouble for everyone.

Sidewalks make people fall, roads damage vehicles, and create water hazards in and out of homes.

Acts of nature are not the only problems, shortcut taking companies are also to blame for short lifespans.

With A-1 Asphalt, your project will always use quality products, have the patience to do the job right, and leave you worry free when the asphalt project is complete.

You know you need our services when you see asphalt or concrete cracks, potholes, color fading, or loose sand or gravel.

Call us for quality service, especially if it is an emergency, and we will have a look at it for you.

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